Louisiana Arborist Association

Associated Arborists is a full service vegetation management company providing tree care services to residential, commercial, municipal, and utility customers.

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We are well equipped and staffed for all of your tree care needs and provide quality services at competitive prices.


We take pride in employing highly trained, educated and motivated arborists that strive to exceed your expectations.


Three hundred fourth-grade students at Hillendale Elementary School in the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District will join professional arborists tomorrow in a daylong event celebrating trees at Brandywine Battlefield Park.

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Working with the students will be from 20 to 30 tree service and tree care firms, members of the Penn-Del Chapter of the International Society of Arborists.

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The group, along with the Pennsylvania State University Extension Service, is sponsoring the fall cleanup, which will include tree plantings and dedication ceremonies by state and local officials at the 52-acre park.

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Urban settings create all sorts of issues for maintaining trees.


Power lines, inclement weather, and root obstruction are just a few factors on the foresters' watch list.

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Eugene's urban forestry program often works with local arborists on larger projects around the city.

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But urban foresters (who are also certified arborists, but focus on a collection of trees rather than individuals) do what they can to control potential hazard trees before they get out of hand.

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AIM Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

Unlike traditional carpet cleaning companies that use products which contain many of the highly toxic constituents, we created Do it Green Carpet Cleaning to bring Non-Toxic, Bio-Degradable, environmentally preferable cleaning services that are 100% safe for children, pets and our environment.


Often we encounter a suspicious look from homeowners who have been fooled in the past by either carpet cleaning scams or over priced branded cleaning services.

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Our method to ease our client's hearts is fully explaining to them what to expect before the cleaning session begins.

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This is in order to avoid any surprises or disappointments.

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We inspect and mark every stain and every spot on your carpet and comb your residence for things only the professional eye can spot.

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Cleaning Walk through Your home is your castle and in it you should get the royal treatment.

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DC carpet cleaning was founded exactly for this reason, to provide our customers with the cleaning treatments they deserve.

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We are not just another cleaning service.

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Any carpet cleaning service can remove spots, but do they do the extra mile like we do? Do they clean those really hard to get areas? Do they treat your carpets as if they were their own? DC Carpet Cleaning is all about trust.


Our research has shown that the most important aspect of a cleaning service is the confidence the client gets when deciding on who to invite into his private home.

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Tree Resource Guide For Arborists And Gardeners

Arborists make a career of caring for trees in urban and suburban landscapes.

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They work for companies commonly referred to as tree experts, tree services, tree care, arborists, tree specialists, and others.

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The nature of the root system also makes choosing a location to plant critical to a tree's survival.


"Right tree, right place," says Erik Burke, Eugene's director for the Friends of Trees program, reciting the mantra of many a tree organization.


Where a tree is planted should determine what species would be the best fit.


Planting a tree in a place with less than four feet between the sidewalk and the curb, what urban arborists call the planting strip, is virtually impossible.


There's a city-approved street tree list that determines the size and species of tree that can be planted given its allotted planting strip size and soil type.


To the service directors out there who argue that a chain saw is a cheap tool and effective tool, are you sure it's a cheap tool? Worker's compensation, hospital bills in the tens of thousands of dollars and a heap of paperwork when someone gets hurt is a regular nightmare," said Siewert, a Board-Certified Master Arborist and Municipal Specialist.


In order to pass the certified arborist or tree worker exam, individuals must know what to do in an emergency situation.

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All climbers should be trained and capable of carrying out an aerial rescue.

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Residential And Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Are you shopping for carpet or upholstery cleaning in the greater Sacramento Area? By now you may have figured out that carpet cleaning companies aren't all the same.

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 There can be a big difference in pricing and performance between Sacramento carpet cleaning services! You've heard it many times.


Outdoor contaminantstracked over carpet can make indoor pollution levelshigher than those outside.

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All Carpet Spots Pretreated!All surface spots are included as part of Good Guys general cleaning process to ensure the highest standard of excellence in cleaning performance for our customers.

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Then there's Sacramento carpet cleaning pricing.


How can one company charge $55 a room and yet another guy run around advertising a whole house for $99? Here at Noble Carpet Cleaners, we maintain a valuable in-house shop to test and master cleaning techniques before we use them in the field.

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As you can see from our testimonials , our customers are thrilled with our work.


AquaTec The Steam Cleaning Professional Truck-Mounted Cleaning Equipment At Big Blue Carpet Cleaning our experience and expertise in Lexington, KY and surrounding areas of Kentucky delivering carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and water damage extraction services sets us apart.

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We run a state-of-the-art Hydramaster 4.

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8 with salsa Carpet Cleaning System in our Chevy Express 3500 Vans.

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Home Page

Do you have carpets or area rugs that need cleaning in Irvine California? Call Echo Green Carpet Cleaning! We have a solution to all your cleaning needs in Irvine, whether you want to clean your carpets and area rugs, the upholstery, air ducts for your air conditioning system or the dryer vent, your tiles and grouts, and all your house or office furnishings.

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We provide affordable quality cleaning services for a wide range of residential and commercial needs.

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From the moment an Oxymagic technician arrives at your home,you'll know "this cleaning is going to be different!" Our technician will review your work ticket with you & inspect the rooms for cleaning.

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Any spots/stains will be pre-treated using our advanced cleaners.


The Exclusive Oxymagic Safe, Non-toxic, Natures Way cleaner will be applied.

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Our cleaning machine uses dual cylindrical brushes that go deep down into the carpet pile and lift the dirt out.

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Our machine also uses powerful suction to remove the dirt and grime.


Your carpet will be clean, dry, and ready to use after 30 to 90 minute average dry time.

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The EPA has shown that a thorough carpet cleaning yields a direct correlation between the amount of dirt in a carpet and the air quality of that room.

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Don't be fooled by other carpet cleaners advertising a low price, only to increase it once they are in your home.

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Carpet Cleaning Machine Archives

When it comes time for an annual rug cleaning, many people turn to a rental steam cleaning machine.

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These powerful machines offer an effective deep down clean that is often superior to cleaners sold for home use.

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Along with more rapidly rotating brushes that can lift more dirt, a steam cleaning rental provides as much as twice the suctioning power.

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Greater suctioning means that more dirt is removed and that carpets will dry more quickly.

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) Dry foam method.

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When a carpet cleaner uses dry foam, he applies shampoo to your carpet, allows it to dry, and then sucks the dried shampoo into a vacuum.


Can you imagine applying shampoo to your hair, allowing it to dry and then removing the shampoo from your head with a vacuum? This method can leave a residue in your carpet, which is one reason dry foam is not very effective.

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Some people believe that hot water damages your carpet, but this isn't true.

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By washing and then rinsing your carpet with hot water we clean your carpet completely in the same way that the person who showers and then rinses off the dirt and soap will be much cleaner than the person who takes only a sponge bath.

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Portable Steam Cleaner Carpet Dyes and Dye Aids Walk-Behind Machines Don't be fooled by carpet cleaning suppliers and janitorial companies asking you leading questions to get more money from you for a machine.

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